Polypro cauta - Mallory Burrell.jpg

Mallory Burrell Anderson

Polypro Cauta (2018)

Digital photograph of found object

16 x 20 in


Mallory Burrell Anderson is a multimedia artist whose work focuses on collecting, ritual, and the altered landscape. Anderson studied Studio Art and Art History at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia and obtained a Master’s degree in Fine Art from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia in 2020 in intermedia art. She has exhibited in exhibitions nationally and internationally and has been featured in recent publications such as Cartographies of the Imagination, exploring the world of drawing between the real and the imagined at the OmVed Gardens in Highgate, London in 2021. In 2020, Anderson was a finalist for the Western Sydney University Fulbright Award in the Arts, Environment, and Public Health. Anderson currently lives in Richmond, Virginia and works in the Art Foundations program at Virginia Commonwealth University.

instagram.com/earthtomallory  / malloryburrell.com


Kieran Castaño is a painter and illustrator living and working in Sanford, FL. He has exhibited his political cartoons and paintings in exhibitions throughout Florida and is featured

on national platforms like the Comics+Queers blog and with the Ripley's museums. His one-person exhibition at Mills Gallery was recognized with a Best New Visions award by

Orlando Weekly in 2020.


Kieran Castaño

I Am What You Yeet (2014, 2022)

Acrylic on canvas

16 x 20”


Nick Criscitelli

Sailor Failure (2022)

27 1/2 x 21 1/4”

Acrylic on board



Nick Criscitelli

Burnt Cookie Monster Movie (2022)

27 1/2 x 21 1/4”

Acrylic on board


Nick Criscitelli has been making art for as long as he can remember. Spending his youth split between long summer days on a river behind a mill in Connecticut and busy winters in the more urban parts of Massachusetts, Nicholas feels a constant split in his love for different states of momentum for life. Its diversified his interests and has kept him limitlessly excited.  


He majored in Fine Arts at the University of Central Florida. After college he moved to the swiftly up and coming downtown area of Sanford, FL. Gaining immediate notice from the local businesses he was eager to jump in and add his design imprint on this uniquely thriving area.

He has worked on branding campaigns, street signs and advertisements. He has created digital menu layouts, social media Illustrations and directed concept development. He made a portfolio of portrait paintings, developed a series of children's books and has created many works of art from pastel stand-alone pieces to graffiti public murals. Just coming off the completion of a new series of paintings called "The Green Children" he's currently publishing comics based on his aforementioned work.

When not freelancing Nick enjoys morning runs, drinking coffee, listening to music and baking.


EDB41D39-4E09-4978-820F-74610D0C5C7C - danie flores.jpeg
09E8AD59-845A-463F-ADD0-D74F151621F6 - danie flores.jpeg

from left:


Danie Flores

Hollywood and Vine (2022)

Discarded poster board, poster,  pencil, pen, cloth, nail polish, resin and acrylic on canvas

16 x 20"



Danie Flores

Beverly and Kenmore (2022)

Discarded poster, paper, lipstick, wax, pencil and acrylic on canvas

16 x 20"


D.Flores is a Los Angeles based artist who creates paintings, sculptures and installations. In this series, “face of our cities,” Flores gathered torn pieces of street advertisements, posters, discarded material and other found items often perceived as trash. As he works these various forms of media into wall compositions, he is participating with both the breaking and layering together of place making. Flores’ work captures a collaborative of beauty and yearning that they see in the many hands that make the city’s walls and discard as artifacts and temporalities of color and shape.


Gondeck-Silvia Wasteland - Kira Gondeck-Silvia.jpg

Kira Gondeck-Silvia


Digital composition printed on canvas

20 x 40"


Kira Gondeck-Silvia is a multidisciplinary artist who really likes color and texture. Come for the pretty colors. Stay for the gory details. Silvia is interested in contemporary forms of hysteria, specifically the ways in which mental illness complicates communication and creates dysfunction in human connections. She uses animals as a surrogate for corporeal bodies and terror related to gendered power.

She is influenced by news stories, op-ed articles, or observations in friends’ behavior, stereotypes, power struggles, relationship hurdles, and the existential exploration of the self. Her work serves to open up the conversation about the human embodiment of identity; through trauma, privilege, power, and manipulation how is our identity even formed?

Kira Gondeck-Silvia currently lives in Sanford, Florida with her writer husband, four cats she puts bandanas on, and a neurotic dog.


In the series, “Future Worlds,” Kira Gondeck-Silvia utilizes AI generated elements to compose portraits of Barbie Doll women existing in post-apocalyptic wastelands. Guided by the computer programming concept of GIGO (garbage in, garbage out), Gondeck-Silvia illustrates her fears about a hostile political system that could destroy both the environment and human rights.

With her blonde hair and long legs, Barbie has acted as a role model for young girls in western society for over 60 years. Gondeck-Silvia wishes to critique what Barbie has come to represent, the embodiment of the glass ceiling. In Gondeck-Silvia’s worlds Barbie’s plastic looks have been ravaged by pollution. Yet she survives. Freed from the binds of the male gaze, she finds autonomy. No longer distracted by patriarchal desires she can now focus on the real threats to her existence.

Ideology - Dnl Hrs.jpg

Daniel A. Harris

Ideology (2022)

Vintage paper collage

11 x 14"


Daniel A. Harris, sometimes stylized DNLHRS, is an artist and musician currently based in Orlando, FL. Raised in Latin America, they moved to the USA in their late teens and recieved a B.A. in English from UCF. They co-founded "Is It Over Yet?", a long-running, print-only art ‘zine, and Infinite Weed Records, an experimental music label and recording operation.


Daniel's work seeks to explore what we mean when we talk about “meaning.” Is meaning constructed? Found? Is it quantifiable? Does a symbol contain it, or merely portray it? Can it grow? Spread? Die?

dump angel small - Stephanie Lister.jpg

Stephanie Lister

Dump Angel (2022)

Digital print from 35mm scan

20 x 30”


Steph Lister (she/her/they) is a multimedia artist and photographer currently living in Los Angeles, California. She utilizes video, photography, sculpture, poetry, performance and her tender heart to meditate on the societal and environmental discrepancies in which we are all enmeshed. Steph documents a quickly changing world with obsolete technology which reflects a sense of longing. Lister is also a professional trash sorter working in the zero-waste industry where she pulls materials, spiritual inspiration and theory from the garbage dump. Lister believes in the transformative potential of art and feels great privilege to be engaged in creative/visual dialogue. She received her BA in Art and Technology from Mills College in Spring 2021.

instagram.com/single__use / www.stephanielister.com

I explore the fluidity between art, performance, activism and facilitation. My work creates compassionate satire, gentle reminders and humble critiques of the environments I find myself in. I commune with the spirits of the left behind. I am curious, playful and loving and so is my art. Over the past 2 years I have been working in landfills and city dumps sorting waste to collect data and sneaking in personal photography when I can. The dump is a place we all share because we all create waste, but where people rarely spend time. Sharing photos from this place brings me joy.

20220728_174002 - Kim Mathis.jpg

Kim Mathis

Trash Talk (2022)

Found object assemblage

5 1/2 x 3 x 5 1/2"


Born in Florida, Kim Mathis has been making art since 1986. She has exhibited in local galleries and group museum shows and has been teaching art to students of all ages for 32 years.


Trash talk was inspired by the hateful rhetoric used in politics to marginalize members of the LBGTQ community. I wanted to create a visual image that gives insight to how those words make me feel as a LBGTQ ally.

BryanMurch_TheHumanPartyElite_DiscardedMaterials_29x27.5 - Bryan Murch.jpg

Bryan Murch has incorporated over 49,885 pieces of man-made waste for the safety of the oceans and marine animals through the project Recycled Horrors. 

instagram.com/recycledhorrorsart / www.recycledhorrors.com

Bryan Murch

The Human Power Elite (They Live) (2019)

Found materials

29 x 27.5"


_Fiddle Diddle With Red Bean 5_Lee Musgrave - Lee Musgrave.jpg
Affinity Tinge 13_Lee Musgrave - Lee Musgrave.jpg
Affinity Tinge 19_Lee Musgrave - Lee Musgrave.jpg

from left:

Lee Musgrave

Fiddle Diddle with Red Bean #5 (2016)

edition 5/10 

Digital archival pigment print on paper

16 x 20"



Lee Musgrave

Affinity Tinge #13 (2014)

edition 2/10

Digital archival pigment print on paper

16 x 20"



Lee Musgrave

Affinity Tinge #19 (2014)

edition 2/10

Digital archival pigment print on paper

16 x 20"


Lee Musgrave studied in Los Angeles with artists Hans Burkhardt and Fritz Faiss. Hans was studio partner of Arshile Gorky. Fritz studied at the Bauhaus with Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky. Musgrave holds a Master of Art degree from California State University, Los Angeles and his artwork has been exhibited in numerous solo & group exhibitions world-wide. He is a USA National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship Recipient and author of Brushed Off (published by Black Rose Writing) a murder mystery set in the art community of Los Angeles.


Artist Lee Musgrave expands the history of photography-based image making by consistently questioning its main components. Challenging himself with an ever-evolving set of formal problems, he produces images that reflect modern complexity and contradiction. He stages and photographs each setting on his studio worktable. In their creation he interweaves a balance of spontaneous graphic gestures with careful compositional rigor, making decisions that keep his images intuitively insightful causing the viewer to ponder the importance of everything they present, suggest or signify. These images bask in the surreal feeling of the magical and yet can be curiously poetic and genuine.


“My photographs embrace the transformation of post-consumer ephemera. After they’ve served their original purpose and are discarded, I repurpose them as art. Employing castoff pieces of paper, cellophane, plastic, cloth, wire, etc. as the base for abstraction I seek to present them in surprisingly inventive visual ways that utilize my personal hieroglyphic language of imagined and universal symbols and I’m always looking for something newly discovered about these materials. It might be a delightfully doodled line intersected by bold trajectories expressively leaping about or deeply reminiscent voids where every detail seems to matter.”


Regardless of which direction Musgrave traverses his work springs forth from found ready-mades he has scrutinized and dissected with a discerning eye, mixing biomorphic and geometric elements within delicate layers of light and a rich visual language. His art is not surrealist or basic 20th century abstraction. It is a very idiosyncratic approach that suggest the passage of time and endless space. These cerebral images are equally intuitive and intellectual plus reflect a communal, naïve, inadvertent cosmic unknowing.

89A8C442-D043-445E-992B-ECCB8E29E00A - Ryan Price.webp

Ryan Price

Sewer Mutants (2022)

Oil on wood

8 x 10”


Ryan Otero Price is a central Florida based artist.

instagram.com/ryan.o.price / ryanoprice.com

Growing up in an image-based society with television, computer screens, and a massive swell of visual media leaves me overloaded with imagery and information. I seek to find beauty in the strangeness of interconnected nostalgia of family memories, loss and grief, escapism, and video games. I process and excavate my personal history by romanticizing memories, relationships, and the passage of time. I do this with constructed visual worlds created through the physical processes of drawing, bookbinding, ceramics, printmaking, and painting.

claustrophobic furnace interior - Richard Reep Jr.jpg
Her tears left a rainbow on the truck's mud flap web - Richard Reep Jr.jpg
We can redefine ourselves for the future - Richard Reep Jr.jpg

from left:

Richard Reep

The furnace interior was surprisingly claustrophobic (2022)

discarded wood, and paint with a hint of an abandoned shopping mall rear door

12 x 18 x 1" 



Richard Reep

Her tears left a rainbow on the truck's mud flap (2022)

Discarded wood and pants, with donated paint

12 x 18 x 1"



Richard Reep

We can redefine ourselves for the future (2022)

Discarded pegboard and cardboard with truss tag.

12 x 18 x 1 1/2"


Richard Reep is a contemporary American artist who has exhibited in numerous museums and galleries nationwide. He was born in Minnesota in 1960, and completed a Master of Architecture at the University of Florida in 1984. Reep has lived and worked in Tampa, Florida; Honolulu, Hawaii; and in Winter Park, Florida. He currently maintains a studio in Orlando, Florida.


100% of my art materials including paint are harvested from trash collected within 1/2 mile of my studio. The wood, metal, cardboard, and found objects are curb picks. The paint was donated by a neighbor getting rid of her paint samples. My studio is outdoors under a tent structure and I replaced the canvas last summer; the old canvas was saved and recycled into the artwork. A few found objects are rescued from construction dumpsters at job sites that I work in.

My ethic has for many years to promote the idea that previous people's artistry -- makers of chairs, woodworkers, paint mixers, etc., should be honored and elevated by adding their work into this art. It is a collaboration across generations and geography to recycle their work into my own, and in this way I make art that is sympathetic to the anarchic cause, that protests the lone "artist-hero" and is kind of the anti-Duchamp. You know, he took a urinal and signed it, the ultimate act of arrogance, negating the craftsmen that made the urinal in the first place. This work should respect the trades that brought it into being.

Zen Garden - Fabienne Riesen.jpg
Medusa - Fabienne Riesen.jpg

Fabienne Riesen, artist name Effer, was born in California, and lived in Belgium for 19 years. She worked as a high school mathematics teacher for 15 years, and decided to take advantage of an early retirement to give a voice to her artistic side.

Fabienne Riesen - Effer

Zen Garden (2022)

Found materials

22 x 28 x 4"


Fabienne Riesen - Effer

Medusoid (2022)

Found materials

15 x 25 x 6" 


Leah Sandler 2.png

Leah Sandler

walking to 7-11 for beers: an archive (1-6) (2022)

Cyanotypes on 140 lb cold pressed watercolor paper


Leah Sandler (born 1992) is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and educator based in Orlando, Florida. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Rollins College in 2014 and a Master of Fine Arts from University of the Arts in 2017. Recent exhibitions include the Corridor Project Billboard Exhibition, the 2020 Florida Biennial, Interstice at MOTOR (curated by the Residency Project) Los Angeles, CA, Utopian/Vermilion, a solo exhibition at ParkHaus15 in Orlando, FL, and CPCH Staging Area, a solo exhibition at Laundromat Art Space in Miami. Sandler’s writing and projects have been featured in publications including Textur Magazine, Salat Magazin, SPECS Journal, and Mapping Meaning Journal. She is the author of The Center For Post-Capitalist History’s Field Guide to Embodied Archiving, published by Burrow Press, released in September 2021.


Observing the decline of the Capitalocene from the sand pine scrub and urban sprawl of Orlando Florida, I construct parafictional worlds through mediums including video, text, drawing, flag making, and collaborative interdisciplinary projects. These parafictions flesh out imagined post-capitalist institutions, rituals, histories, manifestos, and landscapes. Traversing these worlds, the viewer is encouraged, through a visual language of repeated symbols and colors present throughout discrete works, to consider the inconsistencies of the invisible ideologies that uphold and subtend our current system, and to visualize the precarity of our contemporary moment.

An archive documenting walks around the Orlando, Florida area, these cyanotypes of intentionally arranged and styled detritus are ruminations on the archives we are always creating, both intentionally and unintentionally, as humans.

What is the leaf litter?
Organic detritus
Litterfall or duff
An archive that collects and generates
And is preserved through its processes of change
It is living, and where it accumulates it nourishes and cycles; it does not extract
A core sample in situ
O Horizon (the classification of layers)

Sapphire Servellon

Holla Otter (2021)

digital painting on watercolor paper




Sapphire Servellon

Shy boy (possum) (2021)

digital painting on watercolor paper



Sapphire Servellon is a self-taught artist and curator. She began pursuing her talents at an early age after falling in love with watercolor, which eventually became the artist's primary medium. As a product of her growth, she began to develop conceptual series of works to immortalize and reconcile the lessons brought to her psyche. With each concept her practice expanded. She began branching out to incorporate markers, acrylics, sculpture, and animation into her artwork. This led to a steady flow of interdisciplinary projects.


While creating these series of works, the artist simultaneously turned curator. By founding a DIY gallery space in 2016 and through her work with the emerging artist collective “Psych Cat” Sapphire is able to focus on getting her works and the works of her peers into more traditional gallery settings. The collective, run by Sapphire and other local creatives, focuses on artistic endeavors ranging from publishing to installations. With each exhibition or event, the team creates a new, unique experience for the community. Currently residing in Orlando, FL, Sapphire Servellon is an artist on the rise. Balancing her personal practice, curatorial endeavors, and community-based projects, the breadth of her work is ever-expanding.