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Past Exhibitions


In this solo exhibition, Brittany Metz employs moving image, video stills, cyanotype, altered magazines, and sculptural collage to explore the nature of our experience and perception through the interconnected concepts of time, ephemera, and present-mindedness. The bridge between these concepts spans their shared emphasis on impermanence and, accordingly, the importance of appreciating the present.​

Brittany Metz is an installation and new media artist creating work through self-awareness that encourages introspection and contemplation. The short cyclical nature of her video work is meditative, allowing the viewer to discover connections to the images presented through each cycle. This looping of multilayered video is somewhat disorienting, leaving the viewer questioning the time or place of her dreamlike spaces and most importantly, their place in this space.

Metz received a BA in Studio Art from Rollins College and an MFA in Emerging Media: Studio Art & the Computer from the University of Central Florida. She has exhibited nationally and internationally. Metz lives and works in Orlando, Florida where she is a professor of Art & Design. Courses taught include Sculpture, Mixed Media, Art History, Art Appreciation, Digital Arts and Design I/II with a significant focus on concept and narrative.



Richard T. Reep premieres a new body of work at Hollerbach’s Art Haus with a suite of sculptural studies expressing his views of the current state of architectural design. 


What is Burglitecture?


It’s an architect, caught burglarizing architecture and stashing  the loot in their art. It is a theft of textures, a kidnapping of cornices and canopies, an armed robbery of rooflines, an assault upon space, a smash-and-grab of windows and doors.


Burglitecture is non-architecture. It is unbuilding, it is thievery of architecture for a subversive purpose: art. It’s a larceny of the landscape, a heinous heist of high design. Burglitecture breaks and enters the sacred temple of Architecture and robs it of dignity and purpose.


As such, Burglitecture is an architectural crime, a felonious act ripping off architecture and calling it art! Richard T. Reep updates the spectacular career of George Leonidas Leslie–known to some as  Western George–, a New York architect who used his intimate knowledge of building design to run a successful criminal gang in 19th century New York and Philadelphia, seizing millions from Gilded age robber barons of the northeast.


Critic Naomi Stead, known for her work on the intersections of gender, power, and the built environment, declared, “The opposite of an architect is a burglar.” Architecture is not safe around Reep. He has an intimate knowledge of buildings and the city gained from over thirty years of design practice, and uses this knowledge to nefarious ends, stealing from architecture and putting this creative misuse into art.


Hollerbach's Art Haus is transformed into an evidence room, displaying work seized from the studio.

Commission on sales from this exhibit will be donated via Hollerbach’s Has Heart 501(c)(3) to Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida.


Richard T. Reep is a contemporary American Artist born in 1960 in St. Paul, Minnesota. He practices architecture and has an art studio in Orlando, Florida. While designing spaces, Richard recycles curb alerts and construction waste into art, paints  about Audubon Park, FL, and casts sculpture out of concrete.


Psych Cat exhibits a group show at Hollerbach's Art Haus from February 2 through March 30, 2023. Eternal Recurrence features work from: Sara Haj Ali Akbari, Trévien Blodgett, East Docht, Sarah Judsen, Alicia Sales, Maria Sardi, Sapphire Servellon, and Alejandra Tobón.


Curated by Psych Cat

Grappling with the continuous fight between the opposing forces of pain and pleasure, joy and grief, “Eternal Recurrence” showcases eight talented artists that embody the will to power, or Nietzschean creative self-determination. Each piece in this show takes aim at life’s boundless development intertwined with the stagnation of monotony. Whether in the context of their stories, the patterns used, or the landscapes depicted, these artworks grace us with a sense of familiarity. Tapping into the source of human turmoils and triumphs, these playful nuances of surrealism induce a state of being transfixed and remind the audience of the denial of absolute beginnings. As such, this showcase serves to catch viewers within the harmony and dissonance of our eternal return. As we might say, whatever may happen will happen.

Psych Cat is an artist collective located in Central Florida. The collective hit the ground running as a part of Orlando’s DIY scene with a pop-up tour and zine release in 2016. Psych Cat has since represented local artists at IMMERSE by Creative City Project, Henao Contemporary Center, Downtown Arts Collective, Orlando Zine Fest, Gallery Eola, The Space Station and more.

Simply put, Psych Cat is a platform for artistic expression. By curating, printing, and promoting local talent, the members of the Psych Cat Community seek to enrich Orlando’s already blooming arts culture by opening doors for up-and-coming creatives to participate in and collaborate on a variety of events and projects. Psych Cat holds that all forms of artistic expression are equally important and impactful as tools for social progress and maintains the mission to provide a space for creative souls to be seen, heard, and appreciated.

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Hollerbach's Art Haus has organized a charitable art auction to benefit the Porchfest Foundation. Artists represented in the silent auction on February 25 during Sanford Porchfest donated their works to help fund arts scholarships for Seminole County youth through the Porchfest Foundation.

Participating artists:

Linda Amundsen, Josh Bauer, Devon Chiodo, Linda Delaune, Danie Flores, Sara Hollamby, Linda Hollerbach, Rebecca Pebble Maderski, Michelle McCann, Victoria Nelson, Ryan Otero Price, Bryan Paredes, Jennifer Payne, Ann Rank, Richard T Reep, Sastri Ceramics, Mark R. Seppala, Laura Serdiuk, Volodymyr Serdiuk, Mariza Shelbrook, Dawn Snell, John Sullivan, Faye Tambrino, Kimberly Turner, Jazzy Valle, Penny Wellman

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With the mysterious cityscapes of de Chirico, assemblage figures recalling Dada's automatons and the mannequins of Carrà, the absurd machinations of Remedios Varo, and the archeological reminiscence of Salvador Dalí, Ryan Price explores farcical parables and mythological fables, inspecting mortality but with the whimsy of a jester.

These disconcerting dreamscapes are littered with danse macabre, dressed up in masque. The effect is both fanciful and formidable.


Drawing from the scuola metafisica movement of the early twentieth-century, Price's paintings and prints return to the roots of surrealism, examining the landscapes of modernity but with a fractured aspect. Using Classical and medieval sources as points of reference, this work drags nineteenth-century Romanticism through the treachery of images.

Ryan's surreal still life compositions and enigmatic figural combinations–the minaret-women, cyclopian luthiers, skeletal creatures in cap 'n' bells, motley jinns, and the tokusatsu sword fighter–recreate the workings of dreams, suggesting the Freudian technique of free association. These juxtaposed objects and figures transmute mythologies into signs that transcend the intervention of the conscious mind.


Considering this exploration of the unconditioned and the absurd, it is no surprise that Ryan pays homage to the lost art of the limerick in his poetry. Contained within the collection included in this show are illustrated pieces that provide further insight into Price's creative process. A Distant Mirror: Poems & Pictures gives the impression of simultaneous eruption of allegory in word and form through automatism, shaping the subconscious into sooth.


November 17, 2022 - Opening Reception, 6-9 pm
January 12, 2023 - Automatic Drawing Workshop 6:30 - 8 pm
January 20, 2023 - Closing Reception, 6-9 pm

Ryan Otero Price (b. 1994) is a central Florida based artist and poet. Price's imaginary worlds and use of caricature to invoke humor come alive in this suite of drawings and poems.

Instagram: @ryan.o.price
Tik Tok: @ryan.o.price

Garbology Promos_Event Cover 2.png

Hollerbach's Art Haus presents a group show featuring work by fifteen artists in reflection of the theme of 'trash'. Many have taken a literal approach to this call for entries, using trash as their medium, crafting submissions from discarded, found, and/or recycled materials and post-consumer ephemera as commentary or conservation effort. Others approach the theme more conceptually, addressing the state of disposal through visual exploration of consumption, waste, and the social construction of both material and cultural value.

Central Florida-based artists featured in the show include Kieran Castaño, Nick Criscitelli, Kira Gondeck-Silvia, Daniel A. Harris, Kim Mathis, Bryan Murch, Ryan Price, Richard Reep, Fabienne Riesen, Leah Sandler, and Sapphire Servellon, as well as Orlando expat Stephanie Lister. Work from Richmond-based photographer Mallory Burrell Anderson, Los Angeles’ Danie Flores, and Lee Musgrave of White Salmon, Washington will also be shown.

This show spotlights a wide range of styles and mediums, including assembled sculpture, cyanotype, collage, film and digital photography, as well as oil and acrylic paintings.

Garbology will be on view August 25 - October 27, alongside a solo show of paintings by local artist Priscilla Billingsley. 

This event is in collaboration with Trash Cat Birthday festival at Celery City Craft (opens new page in new window) October 1, 2022, which will benefit the Haven for Injured and Orphaned Wildlife (opens new page in new window)

Commission on sales from this exhibit will be donated entirely via Hollerbach’s Has Heart 501(c)(3) to the Haven to support their mission of wildlife rehabilitation.

AH Promos_Event Cover PB.png

Priscilla Billingsley is a multifaceted artist living in Sanford, FL. She is a graduate of The University of Central Florida where she studied Visual Arts. A painter, she also has worked in digital design and ceramics. Growing up on the St. John’s River and spending time enjoying the outdoors has inspired her creative endeavors.

This exhibit will be on view August 25 - October 27, alongside a group show featuring work by fifteen artists in response to the theme of 'trash'.

Commission on sales from this exhibit will be donated via Hollerbach’s Has Heart 501(c)(3) to local charitable organisations. 

Alex Jaggers: Threshold States art exhibition poster information

Alex Jaggers' paintings evoke dissociation; they make available atmospheres of drift. Influenced by the illogical scenery of surrealism and informed by the delirium of this protracted postmodern moment, these paintings offer deliverance to delicate landscapes through simultaneously precise and ambiguous floating forms temporarily occupying an infinite threshold on the verge of vastness.

Alex Jaggers is based in Orlando, Florida and has a background in art conservation. She is currently pursuing a degree in art history from UCF.

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