Past Exhibitions

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Hollerbach's Art Haus presents a group show featuring work by fifteen artists in reflection of the theme of 'trash'. Many have taken a literal approach to this call for entries, using trash as their medium, crafting submissions from discarded, found, and/or recycled materials and post-consumer ephemera as commentary or conservation effort. Others approach the theme more conceptually, addressing the state of disposal through visual exploration of consumption, waste, and the social construction of both material and cultural value.

Central Florida-based artists featured in the show include Kieran Castaño, Nick Criscitelli, Kira Gondeck-Silvia, Daniel A. Harris, Kim Mathis, Bryan Murch, Ryan Price, Richard Reep, Fabienne Riesen, Leah Sandler, and Sapphire Servellon, as well as Orlando expat Stephanie Lister. Work from Richmond-based photographer Mallory Burrell Anderson, Los Angeles’ Danie Flores, and Lee Musgrave of White Salmon, Washington will also be shown.

This show spotlights a wide range of styles and mediums, including assembled sculpture, cyanotype, collage, film and digital photography, as well as oil and acrylic paintings.

Garbology will be on view August 25 - October 27, alongside a solo show of paintings by local artist Priscilla Billingsley. 

This event is in collaboration with Trash Cat Birthday festival at Celery City Craft (opens new page in new window) October 1, 2022, which will benefit the Haven for Injured and Orphaned Wildlife (opens new page in new window)

Commission on sales from this exhibit will be donated entirely via Hollerbach’s Has Heart 501(c)(3) to the Haven to support their mission of wildlife rehabilitation.

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Priscilla Billingsley is a multifaceted artist living in Sanford, FL. She is a graduate of The University of Central Florida where she studied Visual Arts. A painter, she also has worked in digital design and ceramics. Growing up on the St. John’s River and spending time enjoying the outdoors has inspired her creative endeavors.

This exhibit will be on view August 25 - October 27, alongside a group show featuring work by fifteen artists in response to the theme of 'trash'.

Commission on sales from this exhibit will be donated via Hollerbach’s Has Heart 501(c)(3) to local charitable organisations. 

Alex Jaggers: Threshold States art exhibition poster information

Alex Jaggers' paintings evoke dissociation; they make available atmospheres of drift. Influenced by the illogical scenery of surrealism and informed by the delirium of this protracted postmodern moment, these paintings offer deliverance to delicate landscapes through simultaneously precise and ambiguous floating forms temporarily occupying an infinite threshold on the verge of vastness.

Alex Jaggers is based in Orlando, Florida and has a background in art conservation. She is currently pursuing a degree in art history from UCF.