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Participating artists:

Linda Amundsen, Josh Bauer, Devon Chiodo, Linda Delaune, Danie Flores, Sara Hollamby, Linda Hollerbach, Rebecca Pebble Maderski, Michelle McCann, Victoria Nelson, Ryan Otero Price, Bryan Paredes, Jennifer Payne, Ann Rank, Richard T Reep, Sastri Ceramics, Mark R. Seppala, Laura Serdiuk, Volodymyr Serdiuk, Mariza Shelbrook, Dawn Snell, John Sullivan, Faye Tambrino, Kimberly Turner, Jazzy Valle, Penny Wellman

Linda Amundsen  lindaamundsen.com 

Born in Illinois, Linda studied art in Chicago, and continued her art education after moving to Florida at the University of Central Florida.  Enamored with the tropics, many of Linda’s paintings feature the vibrant foliage, lush palm trees, and beach scenes indigenous to the area.  In addition to her tropical themes, she is equally adept at museum quality still life studies, landscapes, golf course scenes, and abstract work. Linda has garnered numerous awards in competitions across the country.  Her painting, Sea Grapes, was juried as one of the top entries for 1998 in the highly competitive Arts for the Parks competition in Jackson Hole, WY, and Reaching for the Sky was named one of the finalists in 2002.


Josh Bauer  JBauerart.com / @JBauerart

Josh Bauer, who some may know as JBauerart, is an Ohio native that has been putting his own creative spin on paintings, designs, and more for almost over a decade. Now based out of Orlando, Florida, Josh has been giving new life to comic book super villains and a hardy homage to your favorite heroes. A self-taught artist, Josh uses acrylic paint and canvas to create one of a kind, bold lined, and color saturated pieces of artwork. 


Devon Chiodo  @dj_devchiodo

Devon is a local teacher, birdwatcher, and nature enthusiast.


Linda Delaune  @lindapdelaune

Linda is an emerging artist with a focus primarily on textured acrylic paintings, many of which are abstracts. Her paintings are created from memories of growing up in rural Northwest Florida and time spent at the beach in South Walton County. Part of Linda’s joy in creating art is not knowing what the completed painting will ultimately be. Ultimately, her goal is to create fun art for fun people! 


Danie Flores  @daniefloresartwork

D.Flores is a Los Angeles based artist who creates paintings, sculptures and installations. In this series, “face of our cities,” Flores gathered torn pieces of street advertisements, posters, discarded material and other found items often perceived as trash. As he works these various forms of media into wall compositions, he is participating with both the breaking and layering together of place making. Flores’ work captures a collaborative of beauty and yearning that they see in the many hands that make the city’s walls and discard as artifacts and temporalities of color and shape.


Sara Hollamby  EsotericPhotoandDesign.com / @esotericphotog

Sara Hollamby is the artist, photographer, and creator of Esoteric Photo + Design, a boutique fine art photography studio based in Orlando. For more than 10 years, she has worked to develop and create pristine visual art for evocative thought through her eclectic and experimental style and conceptual practices. Her work includes event, sports, editorial, commercial, and studio photography, often using alternative photographic processes and the blending of digital and analog mediums. Her installation during “IMMERSE 2021, The Body is a Masterpiece,” comprised more than 200 model participants.


Linda Hollerbach  hollerbachsarthaus.com/shop

Linda Hollerbach is an experimental artist whose styles and mediums can change at the drop of a hat. Always learning and growing, Linda tackles each new artistic challenge with confidence and determination. She works in a range of styles from emotional expressions, to those that are used to test her technical abilities.

No matter the medium–painting, jewelry making, or wood burning–Linda’s joy for her craft shines through.


Rebecca Pebble Maderski  rebeccapebble.com

Rebecca Pebble Maderski is a life coach, actress, improviser, singer, musician, and YouTuber who also enjoys painting some of her favorite album covers. 


Michelle McCann  DortheaGraceStudio.com / @dortheagracestudio

Michelle McCann is the owner and artist of Dorthea Grace Studio, named after Michelle’s grandmother and great grandmother who were both artists and loved teaching her the joy of creating. Michelle has worked with many types of mediums such as photography, jewelry, fluid painting, resin art and alcohol ink. Currently she is working online only though, in the future, hopes to eventually become a brick-and-mortar studio that will hold classes and be able to show and sell other artist’s work. Michelle has lived in Sanford for 21 years, and has worked in the school system for nine years also serving as a board member of the PTA/PTSA at all of her son’s schools. 


Victoria Nelson  facebook.com/VKNDesigns

From childhood days of building model airplanes and experimenting with a chemistry set, to her corporate career which frequently involved starting new projects and organizations, creating has been a critical part of Victoria’s life. Victoria’s first artistic efforts were self-taught in her teen years, followed by formal instruction in undergraduate studies at Georgetown College, KY.  Artistic efforts went dormant as Victoria pursued a rewarding corporate career in a wide-range of industries focused on technology and management. On a lark, in 2010, she began evening art classes. The corporate life was starting to not be fun, and one evening while painting she realized it was time to reboot, refresh and spend more time creating. Inspiration comes from flowers - part of being the daughter of a florist - and the island of St. Croix.  For over 35 years, Victoria and her husband Steve (a devoted, hard-working supporter of the arts community) have split their time between Florida and St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.  

Bryan Paredes  @selfhatedcasanova

Born in Miami, FL, Bryan Paredes came to Orlando in 2017. Bryan has made hundreds of paintings since starting in 2020 and is currently an art assistant/curator under jamali at Jamali Fine Arts in Winter Park. 


Jennifer Payne  jenniferpayneart.com

Jennifer Payne is an award winning artist and member of the esteemed Beaux Arts of Central Florida. She graduated on the National Dean’s List from Ringling College of Art and Design in 1997,  during this time she also spent a summer studying painting at the Art School of the Aegean in Samos, Greece. Jennifer has shown in hundreds of juried exhibitions and Museum Exhibitions both in America and abroad. She won the Shine Landscape Award in Milan, Italy and is in a permanent collection in Athens, Greece.  Jennifer’s work can also be found on Google’s Art and Culture App for winning an award in the  “Women in the Arts: The Genius of Women”. 


Ryan Otero Price  @ryan.o.price

Ryan Otero Price is a Central Florida-based artist and poet. He recently completed a Masters of Fine Arts: Studio Art and Design at University of Central Florida. Ryan writes, “Growing up in an image-based society with TV, screens, and a massive swell of visual media leaves me overloaded with imagery and information. I seek to find beauty in the strangeness of interconnected nostalgias of family memories, loss and grief, escapism, and video games. I process and excavate my personal history to romanticize memories, relationships, passage of time, grief, and loss through constructed visual worlds in Drawing, Bookbinding, Ceramics, Etching, and Painting.


Ann Rank  linktr.ee/artbyanobel

Ann Rank is a trained musician and interior designer who uses music and art for therapy.


Richard T. Reep  richard-reep.pixels.com

Richard Reep is a contemporary American Artist born in 1960 in St. Paul, Minnesota. He practices architecture and has an art studio in Orlando, Florida. Richard recycles curb alerts and construction waste into art,  paints about Audubon Park, Florida, and casts sculpture out of concrete.


Renuka Sastri  @Sastri_Ceramics

Renuka Sastri has been working with clay since 2016, when she took her first class at Crealde School of Art.  Her home studio, also known as the black hole for kitchen tools, now allows her to continue to develop her skills. 


Mark R. Seppala  galleryonfirst.com/markseppala

Mark is a former Disney artist of 26 years who was in charge of all merchandise artists and merchandise for Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Resorts and Disney Cruise Line.  He is now an artist member at Gallery on First Sanford.


Laura Serdiuk  22momentsphoto.com

Laura Serdiuk is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice spans photography and digital art. Laura makes use of traditional techniques as well as digital media, exploring a diverse mix of styles. Her work focuses on the exploration and interpretation of the world from a female perspective. Working primarily in digital methods, she is regarded for the combination of surrealism and evocativeness that is present throughout her body of work.


Volodymyr Serdiuk  @vladymyrserdiuk 

Born in Ukraine in 1980, Volodymyr was introduced to the world of art and photography in 1987, while helping his older brother to develop film and print photos, darkroom, safety red light and black & white prints. From 1994 on, he helped his brother with a photography business, doing photography for documents, events, and weddings. In 2005, Volodymyr got his first DSLR, and was overwhelmed by technology and photographed everything, streets, people, nature, etc. In 2007, he immigrated to the United States, unfortunately without a camera. All his photography and digital art archive got lost with the luggage. In 2019, Volodymyr got back into photography and is currently doing commercial projects periodically and working on my small and big projects in photography. Last year, he was featured by LensCulture in Street Photography Awards. 


Mariza Shelbrook  truecolorsart.net / @truecolorsart

Nature, animals, and music are a constant in Mariza’s life and are her true sources of inspiration. She finds tht abstract expressionism, or lyrical abstraction, is the ideal art form to express her feelings freely--her true colors.


Dawn Snell  @WildheART_artbydawn

Dawn Snell graduated with a B.S. in Art Education from the University of Toledo and M.S. Museum Leadership from Drexel University. Recently, moved from Cleveland, OH to Orlando, FL, where she previously worked at an art museum.

John Sullivan  @johnsullivanart

John is a retired Landscape Architect, resident of Sanford, and an artist at Gallery On First.


Faye Tambrino  fayetambrino.blogspot.com

Faye grew up in Minnesota, attended Concordia Colleges in St. Paul, Minnesota, Seward, Nebraska, and is a graduate of the University of Minnesota (BS) and University of Northern Iowa (MS) and achieved National Certification as an Art Educator. Currently, Faye serves as president of the Central Florida Watercolor Society. She is a member of the Florida National Museum of Women in the Arts


Kimberly Turner  @Uturn385

Kimberly’s intention is to tickle the imaginations of those who view her work.


Jazzy Valle  @ selinakyle92666

Jazzy is an Orlando-based artist originally from NY who creates original works of mixed media illustrations and paintings. Jazzy writes, “Inspiration comes from fashion, space, nature and lucid dreams. Hearing what people see is always a different awesome answer. References and subliminals make it extra fun.”


Penny Wellman

Penny is a mostly self-taught artist who makes collages, acrylic paintings, pencil drawings and sculptures. Penny has participated in multiple juried exhibitions and has had work displayed in local NC businesses. 

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