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Meet the Artists featured in Psych Cat's Eternal Recurrence showcase

Psych Cat presents a group show at Hollerbach's Art Haus from February 2 through March 30, 2023. Eternal Recurrence features work from: Sara Haj Ali Akbari, Trévien Blodgett, East Docht, Sarah Judsen, Alicia Sales, Maria Sardi, Sapphire Servellon, and Alejandra Tobón.

Sara Han Ali Akbari @concretepuppy

Akbari’s work explores life’s efforts, complexities and doubts through varies mediums. Her work tends to question topics like human nature, compulsion, shame and redemption using realism, fantasy and contemporary culture.

Trévien Blodgett @dream_head

Made to confront and critique the human condition, Trévien Blodgett explores themes of penance, resipiscence, and empathy through illustration, painting, and textile design. Often, pulling influence from neo-expressionism, graffiti, and street fashion iconography. Harbingers of the Last Judgement, foretold in the Book of Revelations, the Riders of Conquest, Famine, War, and Death represent the end of days, with each Rider heralding a unique blight upon the Earth. The Pale Rider is emblematic of the end, death itself.

East Docht @eastdocht

East, born in Russia, makes visual art and says, “I’m a dreamer. I don’t consider myself an artist just because I can draw. I am an artist because I’ve paved an access to the deepest part of my soul that speaks true to all realities we experience. I have a means of communicating with my fellow humans that, even I, don’t understand and hope to soon keep exploring. Thank you for existing.”

Sarah Judsen @lizardego

Sarah Judsen is a writer and artist living in Orlando, FL. Drawing her inspiration from somewhere between the beauty of nature and human connection, Sarah works with paper collaging as her primary medium, playing with texture, color, shadows, and shape. You can find Sarah Judsen’s work published in Polemical Magazine, Gelatin Magazine, Ouch, Vol. 1, Sinkhole Fever, and The Daily Doe. She writes, “These pieces are a testament to entire worlds that take place in small moments. On our most ordinary days, we can invent new colors and bask in them for as long as we’d like. There is much beauty to behold in brief interactions and still pauses—sitting near a window, passing two strangers in conversation. Any moment is a chance to conjure visions of the emotionally-charged, ever-transforming nature of life all around us. To let yourself fall into this realm is an act of loving curiousity and surrender. Through this lens, I create portals to that other space.”

Alicia Sales @tristemegistus

Alicia is a professional artist and graphic designer from Orlando, FL with a BFA from Rollins College in Studio Art and Mathematics. Their work is meditative and alchemical in nature, asking questions and searching for answers pertaining to the self within our everyday behavior, routines, and patterns. Alicia states, “My goal is for the viewer to meditate and recognize their own cyclical patterns of thinking. When we are trapped in a cycle, destructive or otherwise, it may be hard to break free and grow from our experience until we recognize the cycle we are in. It is as simple as taking note of both conscious and unconscious everyday routines. I’m personally fascinated by human pattern recognition abilities as I understand this as us being able to grow socially, emotionally, and mentally in order to overcome adversity. My work allgoricalizes and references pattern recognition as modern alchemical motifs influenced by postmodern design, the internet, video games, and psychology.”

Maria Sardi @foxypainter

Maria Sardi is a mixed media artist who is inspired by vintage magazines, photographs and comics. Through her eclectic style, she creates detailed pieces with bold colors and eye-catching designs that highlights her passion for complexity.

As she developed her craft, it took her a while to figure out her niche because she found herself dipping her toes into different styles of art, however none were fulfilling. She strays away from simplicity because she is not a simple person. She acknowledges that art is subjective and not everyone will agree with its intricacies. With that in mind, she became more skilled and took an interest in mixed-media/pop-art styles that are chaotic because she felt most connected to it.

Sapphire Servellon @artaardvark

ArtAArdvark is the moniker of Orlando artist Sapphire Servellon. An interdisciplinary conceptual artist and curator, her work is a collection of psychedelic and post-conscious expressions. Through an in depth analysis of her spiritual world, she attempts to bring a sense of beauty and wonder into being. Each piece is a therapeutic release in dissecting complex lessons from her higher self and immortalizing moments in time. Sapphire writes: "The work of my daily practice involves digital collage between drawings and photographs I've taken. Fulfilling the day to day need of extracting images in my mind to a physical medium."

Alejandra Tobón Castaño @alejandratc_

Alejandra Tobón Castaño is a Colombian-American painter who, more recently, has ventured into other mediums, including collage and textiles. Her scientific curiosities, through a surrealist lens, capture themes of ephemerality, identity and physiological phenomena, teetering between both the natural and unnatural world.


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