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Orlando Weekly: In 'Garbology,' a new Sanford art gallery delves into notions of consumption...

Photo courtesy the artist Dump Angel (2022), digital print from 35mm scan, 20" x 30", by Stephanie Lister You’ll be forgiven for rubbishing one of Orlando’s favorite institutions this week if you declare Hollerbach’s is kinda trashy. That’s because the raucous German restaurant sprouted an upstairs art gallery in July (no, really), and that gallery is opening a show called Garbology Thursday. Moriah Russo, gallery director of Hollerbach’s Art Haus, says 15 artists are included in this show “on the theme of ‘trash,’” and while some went the expected route and made work from “discarded, found and/or recycled materials, and post-consumer ephemera,” others were more conceptual in their approach, more deeply exploring issues of “consumption, waste and … value.” The mostly Central Florida-based roster of artists includes stalwart friends of this here paper Kieran Castaño, Kira Gondeck-Silvia, Richard Reep, Daniel Harris and Leah Sandler (and we were thrilled to see a photograph from Steph Lister, a talented former local who moved to Oakland a few years ago, on the exhibition flyer). The show is up through Oct. 6, so if you miss the party, you can always stop in for a visit and combine the best (artists in town) with the wurst (on your plate).


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